Why Merchants Need Grasslands

Marketing and organizing deliveries steal time from the heart of your business: producing outstanding products and fulfilling orders. Grasslands is the solution. We handle marketing, delivery, and payments infrastructure for you. Best of all, you get paid at the end of each business day. No more waiting weeks and months for credit card companies and brick and mortar retailers to give you your hard-earned money.

Automatic Advertising

Use Grasslands to place your products in an online marketplace. Our licensees will use that marketplace to connect you with the customer. It’s that simple. Instead of spending resources on marketing, you can focus on product quality, pricing, and fulfillment.

Local Market Access

Local customers are your best customers. Grasslands helps you source local customers who want the top-tier products you offer. Targeting the local market allows you to provide the freshest products, improve customer satisfaction, and win brand loyalty.

Merchant's Dashboard

Merchant gets access to the Dashboard which provides a quick overview of the earned revenue and orders. Review the order value, download reports, and customize widgets. Track order statuses and their details. You won't miss any orders.

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