Why Licensees Need Grasslands

Your neighborhood deserves the best of the best, and Grasslands helps you deliver. We give you unmatched access to the best products in Israel, all from local merchants.

Instead of squandering time looking for local merchants, you can get to the best part of the job: improving the local economy and your customers’ experiences! All you have to do is market your merchants.

As a licensee, you are more than a bridge between the consumer and the producer. You help people reach for the best and create a more sustainable future. By focusing on the local economy, you expose local demand, encourage small businesses to create more, and connect people with the products they need.

Everything You Need to Run Your Business in One Place

The Grasslands platform offers you all of the tools you need to start your online grocery store

Web Store

Ready to source amazing products and make sales? Use a ready-made web store with your logo to launch your business now.

Merchant Marketplace

Get access to the best local merchants in Israel and your customers’ favorite products through our merchant marketplace.

Cash Management Tools

Save time and streamline cash management on Grasslands. You market your merchants and keep your bank account details up to date. We’ll take care of merchant and delivery payments and deposit your profits. There are no annual fees or hidden charges.

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