Take Advantage of Being Local

Bring the farm to your neighbors’ tables online

Small Merchants Make More on Grasslands

Tired of losing time trying to reach customers and scheduling deliveries? We’ll handle those details for you. You focus on producing quality products and managing fulfillment, and we’ll take marketing and delivery off your plate.

Grasslands Connects Licensees with the Freshest Products in Israel

Get access to local merchants producing the highest quality products out there. We source top-tier goods for you, you market the best local food in Israel to your community, and your leads turn to loyal customers.

Our mission

Save the World One Locally Sourced Meal at a Time

We are a disruptive, innovative fintech company helping small merchants level the playing field and reduce energy costs through our exclusive technology stack. We bring customers and local producers together, improving the local economy and creating sustainability.

Grasslands Leverages Local Business

Modern customers want to know their grocery producers by name. Grasslands delivers, connecting local, quality merchants in Israel with their end-users. We create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where customers trust what’s on their tables and merchants build brand loyalty.

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